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Who We are

HydroExcavators is a leading expert provider of hydro excavation services, trusted by major utility providers throughout the Southeast.

We’ve most likely seen a project like yours before on one of the many sites our team has successfully completed. Even if your job is unique, we’re confident our team of experts can apply and adapt our industry knowledge to find the ideal resolution for you.

Our Extensive Industry Experience includes:

  • Power Companies T&D
  • Engineering Firms
  • General Construction Contractors
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Sites
  • Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas: Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
  • Water Utility Companies
  • Water/Wastewater

Driven by Five Core Values

When Hydro-X is onsite, our goal is to achieve excellent results for our customers in a safe environment. We adhere to these core values to accomplish that goal:


Operating safely is the most important thing we do. Our team takes great care to ensure that everyone present on the job site understands all hazards and the safeguards that are in place to prevent accidents and injuries. Each day begins with a safety themed “tool box talk” designed to ensure that everyone maintains a strong risk awareness throughout the day and are protected at all times.

Integrity & Accountability
Continuous Improvement
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